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Preventing Problems in Your Swimming Pool
Skin rashes, Cloudy water & Algae should not be taken lightly. The published data coming from a variety of sources shows that the overwhelming causes is a combination of "poor" maintenance & not showering before entering your swimming pool.

Following the basics of swimming pool water care make all the difference.

1.  Keep the sanitizer (no matter what you are using, Chlorine, Bromine, Nature2,  PristineBlue) levels where they should be.  Follow the respective care guides.
2.  Maintain good water balance, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness
3.  Keep the Pool clean. Regularly vacuum & keep the water liner clean.  That's why everyone complaining of a rash notes that it is mainly on their arms & upper torso.
4.  Regularly chemically clean the filter to remove accumulating grease, oil & dirt.
5.  Make sure the filter is operating 8 to 12 hours daily.
6.  Test the water regularly.  Normally we recommend 2 to 3 times weekly for chlorine or bromine.  At least weekly for Nature2, Pool Frog or PristineBlue.
7.  Shower before entering the pool. Showering removes excess body oils, make up, deodorant that accumulate at the waterline & set up a nice area for bacteria to grow.
8.  Our customers have had great success using products such as PoolBoss Soft Touch in preventing algae & providing an additional buffer for the pH & Total Alkalinity.
9.  Shock the every week or 2 weeks (depending on use) to oxidize unfilterables such as body oils, make up, etc. that can render the sanitizer useless.
10. If the pool doesn't get a lot of use, be sure to regularly brush & vacuum every week after it has been shocked.  This will help prevent build-ups of biofilms & algae on the pool walls, floor & waterline.

A little bit of work (no more than 30 minutes weekly) is all it takes & goes a long way to preventing skin rashes, cloudy water & algae.

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