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How to Maintain Your Chlorine or Bromine Treated Pool

MID SEASON POOL TREATMENT – BEST RIGHT AFTER JULY 4TH (or about 6 weeks after the pool has been opened) 

  1. Clean your Filter with PoolBoss Filter Cleaner.
  2. Run filter a MINIMUM of 12 hours EVERY DAY.
  3. Add an INITIAL DOSAGE of PoolTrol Non-foaming algicide to prevent algae growth. Then add a Weekly dosage.
  4. Shock the pool WEEKLY with Vinyl Shock Treatment
  5. To prevent pink slime or white water mold, add 2 lbs.  Vinyl Shock Treatment SLOWLY thru the skimmer to purge & clean out the filter system’s lines – if you treat your pool with slow dissolving tablets or sticks in the skimmer, remove them first BEFORE ADDING THE SHOCK.  Failure to do so may cause a violent chemical reaction resulting in personal injury and/or damage to the pool components
  6. Maintain pH, Total Alkalinity & Calcium Hardness at proper levels.
  7. BRUSH the pool walls weekly from above the water line all the way to the pool floor.
  8. Remove ladder(s) from pool & clean thoroughly; tops & especially the bottoms of treads
  9. Clean Solar Blanket with a solution of PoolBoss Algaecide (1 qt) to 1 gallon of water to remove early algae & mildew growth.
  10. Test your pool water at least twice a week.

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