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Importance of Good Sanitizers in Your Swimming Pool
Comparing Chlorine, Bromine, Biguanides, Ionizers (Nature2® or Pool Frog®) & Salt / Chlorine generation)
Properties Chlorine Bromine Biguanide* Nature2® or  Frog®1 Pristine Blue® Salt/Chlorine
Granules Yes     (shock only) (shock only) Salt Saver
Tablets Yes Yes        
Liquid Yes   Yes   Yes  
Effects pH lowers3 lowers relatively neutral relatively neutral relatively neutral relatively neutral
Non-Chlorine     Yes uses some Cl Yes generates Cl
Non-Bromine     Yes   Yes  
Effective Sanitizer Yes Yes Yes 2 2 Yes
Effect on skin/hair4 can be drying to skin & hair can be drying to skin & hair Soft on Skin & Hair tends NOT to effect skin / hair tends NOT to effect skin / hair Soft on Skin & Hair
Ease of application applied daily or Weekly depending on form applied ONLY through a brominator applied 2 - 3 times per Month Shock added weekly Shock added weekly Put the unit on "Boost"
Effect on Filter5 none none aids filter in removing more stuff none none none
Algicide weekly weekly every 2 weeks weekly as needed No
Shock Treat weekly weekly every 3 to 4 weeks weekly weekly Put unit on "Boost"
Affected by Sunlight Yes Yes No Not Significantly No Not Significantly
Pool Surface All Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces

*Biguanide - Baquacil
®, Soft Swim®, Revacil®, Splashes®
1. Nature2
® or Spa Frog® Spa Care using our recommended systems including PoolBoss® Excel or Chlorine Granules & Soft Touch
2. Only Chlorine, Bromine and Biguanides are considered Primary Disinfectants
3. Slow dissolving Chlorine tablets (trichloro) can dramatically Lower pH; Quick dissolving Dichlor is relatively pH neutral; Cal-Hypo can dramatically Raise pH.
4. Halogens tend to dramatically dry out skin & hair.  Optimizer Plus® adds borates to the water which significantly aids in softening the water thereby lessening the drying effects.  Optimizer Plus® is a proven additive for ALL pool care systems.
5. ALL Pool Filters should be Chemically cleaned using PoolBoss® Filter Free at least 2 times per season to prevent build-ups of greases, oils & other unfilterables.

Compare the Different Kinds of Chlorine

Properties Dichloro Trichloro1 Trichloro blends2 Calcium Hypo Lithium Sodium Hypo
Form Granular Tablet/Stick Granular Granular3 Granular Liquid
Avail Cl 56% - 62%4 90% 65% 60% - 70% 29% 7%-13%
Inert Ingredients almost none almost none almost none 30%-40% 71% 87%-93%
pH 6.5 2.5 4.0 11.0 10.2 13.0
Effect on pH neutral lowers lowers raises raises raises
Application hand fed skimmer or chlorinator hand fed hand fed hand fed hand fed or chlorine pump
Applied daily weekly daily daily daily daily
Daily Dosage5 2.0 - 4.0 oz 1.0 - 2.0 oz 4.0 oz 6.0 oz 6.0 oz 32 oz6
Stabilized Yes Yes Yes No No No
Organic Yes Yes Yes No No No

1. Trichlor - many cheaper, imported foreign brands of trichlor use gummy binders to hold the trichlor in its shape.  All BioGuard® brand Tablets & Sticks DO NOT USE binders.  BioLab's patented high-pressure process keeps these products together longer.  BioGuard® tablets & sticks dissolve more evenly (don't crumble) for days longer than almost all other brands.  BioGuard® Smart Sticks® manufactured with patented SmartGuard® last even longer & are made specifically for wall skimmer application, no chlorinator needed!
2. Trichlor blends are patented under the BioGuard® Everyday Chlorinating Granules (ECG). BioGuard® Everyday Chlorinating Granules do not cloud the water, are completely soluble & may added directly to the pool or into the pool skimmer.
3. Cal Hypo - available as granules or tablets.  Most of the product is used a granule.  Ideally should be pre-dissolved prior to introduction to the pool water.
4. Percentage of available chlorine for Dichlor varies depending on the product; Anhydrous - 62% or Dihydrate - 56%.
5. Daily Dosage - ounces of product per 10,000 gallons per day at 75° F water temperature to maintain a level of 1.0 - 3.0 ppm Free Available Chlorine (FAC). Please note that consumption will approximately double for every 10° rise in temperature.
6. Fluid ounces. 


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