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PoolBoss Salt Saver

PoolBoss Salt Saver

PoolBoss Salt Saver is the perfect blend for maintaining your Salt-Chlorine generated swimming pool water.  100% soluble & nothing else like it!

  • Salt Saver is a finely blended salt product that has a neutral pH
  • Salt Saver contains a sequestering agent & clarifier to prevent scale build-up on the generator cell
  • Salt Saver helps keep the generator cell cleaner longer
  • Salt Saver contains just the right amount of Cyanuric Acid to protect the chlorine from loss due to UV sunlight
  • Salt Saver will prolong the life of your Chlorine Generator with regular use
  • Add Salt Saver every 3 to 4 weeks as needed
  • Salt Saver in the 10 lb. bag will treat up to 20,000 gallons of swimming pool water

Compare Salt Saver to BioGuard® Mineral Springs™ Renewal and Save!  Can be used in California applications.

Compatible with all pool salt-chlorine generators.

Compare at up to $40.00
OUR PRICE ONLY $19.99 each!




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