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Spa & Hot Tub Chemistry Questions -
here's listing of commonly asked spa & hot tub water chemistry questions.  Page 1

Q. Do I need to test my hot tub water? The water looks fine.
A. Yes, you do need to test the water.  Ideally, if you’re using chlorine or bromine, your tub needs to be tested DAILY. Pristine Blue treated spas can be tested weekly.

Q. How come I need to test my spa water?

Regular testing of your hot tub’s water prevents problems which can cause your spa being shut down & being unhealthy. Testing also prevents long-term problems such as corrosion of filters & metal pool accessories & parts. Prevention of scaling of a spa's heater is another long-term need.  We didn't even talk about odors & germs.

Q. Why is pH so important?

Your spa's pH is very important in how well your chlorine, bromine, Nature2, Spa Frog or PrisitineBlue works. When the pH is high, the water becomes cloudy, the sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, etc.) works less efficiently, algae & bacteria grow more quickly, scale begins forming on metal surfaces (especially heaters). Low pH causes very clear, but unhealthy water because the sanitizer is used up quickly; the water becomes corrosive, eye & skin irritation are noticed. That's why pH is so important!

Q. Why do I have to change my spa water so often?

You know what a bathtub looks like after one person, right?  What if there were several people in their with you?  The big difference between a spa & a bathtub is that a spa has a built-in filter & it's being chemically treated. If it gets really foamy or cloudy, then drain, clean & refill the spa.

Q. What does “Hot water cycle” mean?
A. “
Hot water cycle” is another term for the length of time that water remains in a spa.  The cycle is dependent on 2 factors: the size or gallons of the spa and how often it's used.  Typically a cycle lasts between 2 & 4 months. 

Q. Why is the water in my hot tub cloudy?
Cloudy water in a hot tub or spa is caused my a lot of things & is an almost always a good sign of other water issues. If the water is cloudy AND is "older" than 3 months, change the water, you’ll save yourself adding unnecessary chemicals and time.  Prevention is normally the solution!

Q. Do I have to worry about Algae growth in my spa?

A. In most cases, “No.”
Unless you decide to completely neglect your spa or hot tub, algae growth is rarely a problem in a properly treated spa. 

Q. I get a rash on my body whenever I use my spa.  What’s going on?

Skin rashes can be caused my many factors.  If you have a "hot water rash" problem, it’s probably because you’re NOT following a proper chemical routine. “Pseudomonas aeruginosa” is a typical problem that is prevented by proper sanitizing.  A rash could also be dry, itchy skin because of a high pH problem or high sanitizer issue that can dry out the skin.  When in doubt, check with your doctor; then drain, clean & refill the spa.  Use Spa System Flush or Whirlpool Rinse on a regular basis to also clean out the spa’s plumbing lines which build up a yucky film after a while.  You can find out more about skin rashes by clicking here.

Q. Why do I get a constant build-up of foam in my hot tub?

Foaming usually means that the water needs to be changed.  A little bit of SpaBoss Defoamer will treat "regular" foaming & adjusting the Calcium Hardness will help prevent it.  If your hot tub looks more like a glass of beer then CHANGE THE WATER.

Q. Why does my hot tub get a constant build-up of "goo" at the waterline?

That "goo" or "bathtub ring" is normal.  Adding SpaBoss Descummer will greatly prevent  this unsightly ring. Have spa users shower first; that will prevent a lot "stuff" from getting in the spa. 

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