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"Hot Tub Lung"

"Hot Tub Lung" is a relatively new condition originally published in the "Mayo Clinic Proceedings" November 2002. 
The condition is either an infection or an irritation due to exposure to mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) .
At temperatures above 84 degrees Fahrenheit, the level at which many if not most tubs operate, chlorine loses
its much of its disinfectant properties, especially if proper sanitizing procedures are not followed, and MAC can
flourish. The bubbles and steam rising from the spa or hot tub create an aerosol through which MAC readily
enters the lungs by normal breathing or inhalation.  It should be noted that it is currently unclear from the reports
whether this condition is an infection or hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

The Mayo Clinic researchers also noted that all of the reported cases of "hot tub lung" have been associated
with INDOOR spas or hot tubs at a personal residence.

The condition is most likely to occur when spa & hot tub owners DO NOT physically clean the tubs (drain, clean,
rinse, refill), chemically clean or change the filter(s) (use SpaBossŪ Cartridge Cleaner) as often as is recommended
and/or do not follow a proper sanitizing procedure.

Perform the following procedure to treat  the infected spa or hot tub:

  1. Drain the spa and refill just above the jets.
  2. Remove the filter and soak in a solution of chlorine and water during treatment. (2 Tbsp Dry chlorinating
    concentrate per 5 gallons of water)
  3. Shock with four times the normal dose of SpaBoss Chlor-Aid.
  4. Turn on the jets and circulate for 2 - 3 hours. The bacterial growth usually builds up in the lines, so it is
    necessary to flush them thoroughly.
  5. Drain the spa again and refill with fresh water.
  6. Rinse and replace the filter.
  7. Rebalance spa (pH, total alkalinity & calcium hardness) and shock. Do not enter the spa until sanitizer
    level drops below 4.0 ppm.

  8. As an additional precaution, CheapHotTubChemicals.com STRONGLY RECOMMENDS cleaning the underside of
    the spa or hot tub insulating cover with a hard-surface disinfectant such as LysolŪ following all label instructions
    for disinfecting.

Enforce shower rules before entering spa.
Maintain 1-3 ppm Free Available chlorine in residual spas and 3- 5 ppm in commercial spas.

Information found in "Mayo Clinic Proceedings," November 2002

For further information, please visit the Center for Disease Control website

This information is used by permission.

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