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PristineBlue spa start up & maintenance

Customer Emailed Questions

From: Sandra - Ozonator troubles
I just got my spa last week, the water is already cloudy, I can't get the ph right.  I was told to add just 1 tablet of bromine, let completely dissolve before adding another.  I have an ozonator system, so I shouldn't have to add any chemicals, so I thought...  How long do I need to run the pumps (ozonator) per day? My husband and I use the spa every night for about an hour (the water temp is only 98).  Please help..

Reply:  Ozonators just don't do what everyone brags about; unless you read the fine print in the owner's manual!

Even with an ozonator, our recommendation is to use 1 bromine tablet per 100 gallons of water until dissolved.  Non-ozonator use would be 1-2 tablets (therefore the "big money & chemical-saving" claim).

Weekly shock the spa with SpaBoss Spa Shock or Chlor Aid using the appropriate amount.  Adjust the pH & Total Alkalinity.

Use of other such as Descummer will keep the filter cleaner & the waterline down.  Prevent II control will inhibit scale formation on the heater.  When you drain & refill the spa use Spa System Flush  or Whirlpool Rinse to clean out the plumbing lines (twice per year or every other fill is fine, depending on bather load).

A well maintained should NOT have to resort to using water clarifier or antifoam.  When the spa gets that foamy it's time to change the water anyway.

Back to your question.  Most new spas are preprogrammed to run for about 4 to 6 hours daily.  Remember to shower before using the tub.

That should get you back on the straight & narrow.  If you have any more questions, please write or visit the website.  In fact, I'm going to use your question for a page on spa care with Ozonators.  Thank YOU.

From: Greg - Green & Cloudy
 I just recently drained my tub and the water has a green murky look to it. Initially the water was very clear but within a week became cloudy. I replaced the filter at the same time. There seems to be some floating particles in the water also. The filter is the same dimensions as the manufacturers (Beachcomber750) tub any suggestions. Thanks
Reply: Hi Greg.  First of all, thank you for visiting our website.  We appreciate it.
Second, I apologize for the delay in responding to your question.  We're just getting started & are not getting to answer questions as quickly as we need to.
Now, here's your answer.  This is going to be a tough one to diagnose.  A couple of questions first:
1.  What kind of sanitizer are you using; chlorine, bromine?
2.  How are you maintaining water balance?  What is your pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness?
3.  How often do you shock your spa?
4.  Is there a slippery feel to the spa?
What you've described sounds more like a pool's algae problem.  Murky green is normally not in the cards of normal spa issues!  I'm tempted to have you drain & refill the spa & start again.  If you do that & first shock the spa with a good chlorine shock & it turns immediately green, you've got a copper problem.  Copper problems need to be taken care of when you first fill the spa.  Use Prevent II to bind up copper & other metals that may be present in the fill water.
If you've had the spa for a while & it was sitting for while between fillings & use, I would recommend using Whirlpool Rinse to clean out the lines & get that "stuff" or as others put it "biofilm," out of there.
I hope that helps.  You'll be able to order from our site within the next 7 days as we finish up a lot of the details.
Thank you for your patience & for contacting us.

I was having problems with my hot tub water - the place where I have my water tested told me to drain & refill.  They wrote down step by step directions but I think they had me put in too much bromine concentrate.  I was told to pour in 1 cap full the 2nd day.  Now it is reading way too high.  What do I have to do?  Drain & refill?

I use the pristine blue products for our spa (300 GALLON). Have low alkalinity (like zero) and pH is low. (below 6.8) What products do I need? Also how do you test ppm, are there different strips I can get for doing that? we have a well.  thanks! Mary

I have a 350 gallon Hot Springs spa. I get sand like particles settling on the seats, and a fine white deposit on the walls.  My water is soft enough that I don't need a water softener for my  home.  The test strips show total alkalinity and ph off the chart high.  I have been adding granular sodium bisulphate decreaser and it still checks high.  I think I doped it up too much once, so cut back the second time and still have the problem.  (The first time I added  so much decreaser that it burned my throat and made me sneeze)  and I wonder if this is causing my problem.  I didn't have it before I started using the decreaser.  This has happened twice lately so I drained the spa again, and now not sure what to do chemically.  I've been using Baqua products, except the decreaser came from a swimming pool supply store.

How soon can I get into the hot tub after treating?
Hi Jay,
It's normally recommended that you wait about 15 minutes after adding chemicals to a spa or pool before reentering.  If you are chlorine shocking the spa, wait until the chlorine level is down to about 3.0 ppm.
I hope that helps!  Enjoy your hot tub.



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