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PristineBlue spa start up & maintenance

Comparing Spa Chemicals

Chlorine, Bromine, Biguanides (Leisure Time Free, Baqua Spa®), Ionizers (Nature2® or Frog®) & Ozonators
Here's a quick table showing the pros & cons of the various sanitizing systems for spas & hot tubs.  We hope this helps you make a good, informed decision as you choose which system is right for your particular situation.
Properties Chlorine Bromine Nature2® or Spa Frog®* Leisure Time Free™ Pristine Blue® Ozone***
Granules Yes Yes (shock only) No (shock only) (shock only)
Tablets   Yes   No    
Liquid       Yes Yes  
Effects pH lowers lowers relatively neutral No relatively neutral relatively neutral
Non-Chlorine     uses some Cl* Yes Yes uses some Cl
Non-Bromine       Yes Yes uses some Br
Effective Sanitizer Yes Yes **   ** **
Effect on skin/hair can be drying to skin & hair can be drying to skin & hair tends NOT to effect skin / hair tends NOT to effect skin / hair tends NOT to effect skin / hair tends NOT to effect skin / hair
Ease of application applied 2 - 3 times per Week applied 2 - 3 times per Week Shock added weekly See note below Shock added weekly Shock added weekly
Effect on Filter none none none can cause clogging none none
Wooden Hot tub use Yes Yes Yes NO Yes Yes

 Nature2® or Spa Frog® Spa Care using our recommended systems including SpaBoss Chlor-Aid & Descummer
** Only Chlorine & Bromine are considered Primary Disinfectants
*** Ozonators like ionizers (Nature2 & Spa Frog) must be used with chlorine or bromine to provide continuous sanitization

Check with the manufacturer of your spa before using any Biguanide product.

Baqua Spa® is a registered trademark of Arch Chemical Co.

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