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Pristine Blue non-chlorine pool chemicals, eco friendly

PristineBlue® the Chlorine-free, Bromine-free way to treat your Spa or Hot tub!

Pristine Blue Spa Starter kit, pristine blue, pristine power, pristine clean, pristine check, pristine extra, pristine clearLooking for a simple, easy way to treat your Spa or Hot tub without using chlorine or bromine?  Then PristineBlue® is your answer. 

Easy to use liquids & powders that are effective in keeping your hot tub clean & sanitary.

Here are some things to know about PristineBlue®:

  1. Your spa or hot tub water feels nice and soft & gentle.
  2. PristineBlue is gentle on your spa's surfaces & equipment.
  3. You can use your hot tub in just 15 minutes after adding PristineBlue®!
  4. PristineBlue® doesn't have a big effect on the water balance.  In fact, you may
    find that water balancing is much easier.
  5. PristineBlue® can be used with any kind of filter.
  6. PristineBlue® is compatible with all ionizers and ozonators.
  7. Simple to convert to AND compatible with chlorine.
  8. Used in thousands of pools & spas since 1990.
  9. PristineBlue® is EPA registered for pool & spa use in all 50 states.

This is the original Pristine Blue®.
Why pay double or more for "knock - offs" like Rainforest Blue, CleanWater Blue or Advanced Blue?

Here's what you need:  Click here to learn how to use PristineBlue®

Click on each of the pictures for detailed information on each product.

Pristine Blue

PristineBlue® Algicide/Bacteria Suppressant
for Spas & Hot tubs
Sizes: 8 oz (15.99), NOW 13.99
Quart (List $46.99) NOW $43.99

Pristine Check


Pristine Check® Spa Prep
for Spas & Hot tubs
Also for use with high-mineral content water (iron/copper/manganese).
Sizes: 8 oz (15.99), NOW 13.99
Quart (List $46.99) NOW $43.99


Pristine Clean


for Spas & Hot tubs. Ensures sparkling clean surfaces in your pool by inhibiting the formation of scale and stains caused by metals in the water.
Sizes: 8 oz (15.99), NOW 13.99
Quart (List $46.99) NOW $43.99


Pristine Power


Pristine Power® Oxidizer
for Spas & Hot tubs. Granular oxidizer of organic material, odors, oils, etc.
Sizes: 10 oz bottle (7.99) , 
1 lb bag (7.99), 
5 x 1 lb bags (33.99)


Pristine Extra
for spas & hot tubs. Granular Dichlor shock & oxidizer of organic material, odors, oils, etc.
1 lb bag (7.99), 
4 x 1 lb bags (29.99)


Pristine Clear®
for spas & hot tubs. Concentrated liquid water clarifier & filter aid.
Sizes: 10 oz. 8.99 
32 oz (21.99)


Pristine Blue® Measuring Cup
Small - Spa Use - holds up to 15 ml - 0.69 each
Large - Pool Use - holds up to 500 ml - 2.59 each

Pristine Mist - Spa & Hot tub Cover Treatment.  Takes care of "stuff" that contribute to smelly covers & some spa odors.  Just spray the inside once a month.
Only $24.99
Pristine Fill Tap Water Filter  

Pristine Fill - Tap water filter that helps to remove up to 99.9% of heavy metals, minerals that may cause scaling, chlorine, even large bacteria.
Only $29.99

PristineBlue® Spa Start-up Kit. 
The perfect way to get started with your spa or hot tub.
Compare at $72.99
ONLY $66.99
Pristine Mini Test Kit
simple & accurate. Let's you relax & be sure you are using the correct amount of PristineBlue to control algae and suppress bacteria. If you already have a test kit for pH and alkalinity, the Pristine Mini Test Kit is perfect for you.
Compare at $19.99 Our Web Price $17.99 each
  Water Balance Chemicals - Pristine Blue Compatible

Pool Cleaning Chemicals- Pristine Blue Compatible

Natural Chemistry Spa Purge
The best natural cleaner for your spa or tub when it's time to drain the water!
1 liter. Our Price $22.99

Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect
The best natural enzyme maintenance cleaner to keep your spa or tub clean!
16 oz. Our Price $13.99
1 liter Our Price $24.99

Pristine Strips
Pool & Spa Test Strips for Total Alkalinity (60 - 90 ppm) & pH (7.2 - 7.6).  Each bottle contains 25 test strips.
Compare at $11.99 Our Web Price $9.99 each


SpaBoss Spa & Hot tub chemicals are perfect for use in all of these spas & hot tubs:
Adirondack Spas
®, Almost Heaven Hot Tubs®, Artesian Spas®, Baja Spas®, Barefoot Spas®, Beachcomber Hot Tubs®, Bullfrog Spas®, Cal Spas®, Caldera Spas®, Catalina Spas®, Clearwater Spas®, Coast Spas®, Coleman Spas®, Dimension One Spas®, Down East Spas®, Emerald Spas®, Freedom Spas®, Galaxy Spas®, Geyser Spas®, Great Lakes Hot tubs®, Gulf Coast Spas®, Hawkeye Spas®, Hot Springs Spas®, Hot Spot Spas®, Hydropool Spas®, Jacuzzi Whirlpool®, Marquis Spas®, LifeSpas®, Master Spas®, Nordic Hot Tubs®, PDC Spas®, Reflections Spas®, Riptide Spas®, Saratoga Spas®, Softub®, Solana Spas®, Sundance Spas®, ThermoSpas®, Tiger River Spas®, Viking Spas®, Vita Spas®, Watkins Manufacturing®, and many more!

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