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This needs to be YOU!

Yes, you do have to keep your spa or hot tub clean!

Let's make it easy for you and save you some money too!

aqua quick vac, spa vacuum Aqua Quick Vac - compare this to the Polaris Spa Wand & save yourself about 45%!  Comes complete with 2 nozzles, snap on brush and bracket to mount on any wall.  Picks up all kinds of stuff that gets in your spa or tub.
Only $39.99
spa & hot tub leaf net Leaf net with 18" pole - great for scooping leaves or floating debris from your spa.  Net is 11"x13"
Only $7.99
scrub pad for cleaning spa hot tub Scrub Pad - great for cleaning the water line or the whole spa.  Soft but firm pad holds onto surface cleaners.
Only $3.29
Heavy Duty Scrub Brush - professional sized bristled scrubbing brush.  Tough, but gentle bristles with an ergonomically designed handle.  A CheapHotTubChemicals.com exclusive. Compare up $6.99
Only $3.99

It's Bob! - he absorbs all kinds of greases & oils that get into your spa.  Let him float around & soak it up.
Only $6.99
Spa Cleaning Mitt Spa Cleaning Mitt
The Spa Cleaning Mitt open-hand design is gentle on hands & tough on dirt & waterline scum. The Spa Cleaning Mitt comes in a pack of 3 & is recloseable.
Compare at up to $9.99
ONLY $6.99
SpaBoss Restore Cover Cleaner & Protectant
Clean & restore & protect your spa cover investment. Contains UV light inhibitors. Helps add life to your spa cover. Big 22 oz spray bottle.
List Price $17.99
Our Web Price $13.99
EzyClean Tile & Vinyl Gel
EXTRA thick gel that cuts through tough grime & grease build-ups.
Compare at up to $13.99
Our Price $10.99
natural chemistry spa purge Natural Chemistry Spa Purge
The best natural cleaner for your spa or tub when it's time to drain the water!
1 liter. Our Price $18.99
natural chemistry spa perfect enzyme cleaner
Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect
The best natural enzyme maintenance cleaner to keep your spa or tub clean!
16 oz. Our Price $11.99
1 liter Our Price $19.99


Spa Ball
Absorbs all kinds of dirt, oil & scum but doesn't absorb water!  Truly amazing.  Helps eliminate scum-line & lengthens the life of your filter.
ONLY $13.99
zorbie hot tub oil absorber Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble
Absorbs greases, oils & their odors.  Controls waterline build-up too
ONLY $14.99
pump to drain spa or hot tub Danner Submersible Pump - 300 gph pump.  Connect to your garden hose & plug it in.  Attached cleanable filter prevents clogging.
Only $49.99
pristine mist spa cover cleaner Pristine Mist - Spa & Hot tub Cover Treatment.  Takes care of "stuff" that contribute to smelly covers & some spa odors.  Just spray the inside once a month.
Only $24.99
Pristine Fill Tap Water Filter Pristine Fill - Tap water filter that helps to remove up to 99.9% of heavy metals, minerals that may cause scaling, chlorine, even large bacteria.
Only $32.99

SeaKlear System Flush

Specially formulated to clean more of the gunk from your spa's plumbing lines than ordinary "system flush" products. Use 8 oz. per 400 gallons the night before you drain for best results
16 oz bottle,
Only $16.99 each
Swirl Away spa cleaner
Swirl Away
Effectively removes the "gunk" & harmful bio-film that has accumulated on the interior of your Spa, Hot tub or Jetted bath's plumbing lines and heater.  Click on the product for more information.
Our Web Price ONLY $12.99

SpaBoss Whirlpool Rinse, clean plumbing lines of spa hot tub

Whirlpool Rinse

Cleans the internal plumbing lines or spas, hot tubs & whirlpool baths.
16 oz. Bottle
Compare at up to $13.99
Our Price $9.99
Filter Flosser cartridge cleaner Filter Flosser
Great NEW professional duty cartridge filter cleaner!
Compare at up to $54.99
Our Price $39.99
JetSpin Automatic Filter Cleaner Jet Spin Filter Cleaner
Fun & easy way to clean your filter cartridge!
Compare at up to $119.99
Only $94.99
Waer Wand Filter Cartridge Cleaner Water Wand Filter Cleaner
Attach a garden hose & GO!  Cleans about 8 pleats at once. Saves water. 
Compare at up to $29.99
Only $19.99

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