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Pristine Fill Tap Water Filter Pristine Fill Tap Water Filter

Now you can fill your spa or hot tub with clean, clear, filtered water.  New Pristine Fill™ helps to remove up to 99% of chemical contaminants & suspended solids (including certain large bacteria).  By removing contaminants, Pristine Fill™ helps to reduce & even eliminate many spa & hot tub water quality problems before they can start.

Pristine Fill™ helps remove:

  • 99.99% Chlorine / chlorine dioxide
  • Tri-halomethanes
  • Pesticide residues
  • Iron rust
  • Phosphates
  • Spores & other organic contaminants
  • Suspended solids

Filter Made of: 5.0 micron polypropylene sediment removal pre-filter PLUS a 0.5 micron (smaller than many bacteria & protozoan contaminants) (absolute rated) resin impregnated Carbon Block.

Pressures: Maximum Pressure - 125 psi, Minimum Flow Pressure - 30 psi.

Operating Temperatures: 40° F to 100° F.

Pristine Fill™ has an effective life of about 1,500 US gallons (5500 liters) providing anywhere from 3 to 5 average spa fills plus several make up water top-offs (due to evaporation & splash out).  When the Filter is used just throw it away with your normal trash.  No special handling is required.

Protect the Pristine Fill from freezing and dropping (internal filters may be damaged).

Pristine Fill can be used for any spa or hot tub application & any spa or hot tub chemical program or system.

1. Connect to garden hose.
2. Flush filter for 30 seconds.
3. Fill spa to fill line.
4. Store in a cool dry place

List Price $38.99
Our Web Price Only $32.99


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